Well there is of course: The Website

And then there is the Facebook group

And of course I couldn’t help but start a Twitter feed been inspired by the Lent thing, and thinking of posting a prompt each day for things people can do to spread the joy during ‘Love Out Loud’ fortnight…

(The List started following me on Twitter after I was posting about The Art of Joy updates…awww!)

There are loads of cool things going on, and if I had more time and a bit more awakeness I’d have done a great post like bringonthejoy did last night. But why reinvent the wheel. You can go over to her blog and read it!! :)

And there is our Flickr photostream.

Oh, and good news! Cassie the Corsa has passed her MOT! Hurrah! I went down to garage and bank looking like a right chav with my hoodie to cover the scary and unwashed hair do earlier this morning – a look completed with a husky ‘I just woke up‘ voice. Nice…! So feel the need to look slightly more presentable when I go to pick her up. I feel a shower may be a step in the right direction…